Bobby Shmurda Drops Teaser For New Track “Hoochi Daddy”

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Ever since coming out of prison, Bobby Shmurda has been changing up his sound. Music has changed a lot ever since he’s been away, so it only makes sense that he would want to evolve with the times and give fans something that they are just a tad more familiar with sonically.

This has resulted in some hyped-up party tracks that have piqued the curiosity of listeners. From song to song, Shmurda has become a bit more unpredictable, and this evolution has led him into his most recent single, which he teased on Instagram last night to his 5.7 million followers.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

As you can see down below, the new song is called “Hoochi Daddy” and it will be dropping on Friday, July 15th, which is in about nine days from now. In terms of the song itself, there is no doubt that Bobby is providing a ton of energy as he raps over some incredibly fast drums.

The music video is extremely colorful as Bobby finds himself in a pastel-colored home surrounded by pink weapons and women who are also dressed in some bold outfits.

Let us know what you think of the song teaser, in the comments below, and stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest news and updates from around the hip-hop world.

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