Kodak Black Wants Trump To Be The President Forever

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While the Jan. 6th hearings are expected to continue next week, Kodak Black is making it clear that he’d like to see Trump in office. It’s no secret that Yak is a big fan of the former president of the United States after Trump gave him a pardon and released him from prison just before his term ended.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Following the 4th of July, Kodak Black shared a video on Instagram where he offered a massive endorsement for Trump. Yak explained that America’s government should be set up similarly to Russia and China with Trump leading the country.

“We need Trump in office forever, man. Just like how them Chinese and Russian and Korean muthafuckas they have their president. Trump the best thing for America — ya heard me — for sure. I respect that boy logic, setup and whole rundown even if he didn’t free me,” he said. Yak continued to explain that Trump would’ve brought Brittney Griner back home, referring to him as the “GOAT.” Ultimately, Yak said that he thinks Trump needed another term to accomplish his political goals.

“When you got mothafuckin office for only like four years, that ain’t enough time for a n***a to run they play and the shit they got to do,” Kodak said. “By the time they get done, another mothafucka in office and he fuck shit up. Man, give my dog a lil more time to do what he do for real.”

Check the clip out below. 

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