Noah Cyrus Recalls “Bottomless Pit” Xanax Addiction

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Her famous family has been in the spotlight for all of her life and Noah Cyrus has seen her friends and family buckle to the pressures of fame. Cyrus has not only witnessed her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, live his dream as a country star, but her sister, Miley Cyrus, has taken over the entertainment world for nearly two decades. In a conversation with Rolling Stone, 22-year-old Noah spoke openly about not only her own singing career but her past struggles with addiction. She revealed that it was a past boyfriend introduced her to Xanax.

“My boyfriend at the time, when I was 18, was the first person that gave me a Xanax, and it became a way for us to bond,” said Cyrus. “I think I wanted to fit in with him. I wanted to be what he wanted and what he thought was cool and what I thought everybody was doing.”

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“Once I felt that it was possible to silence things out for a second and numb your pain, it was over.”

It didn’t take long for Cyrus to see her entire life shift. She admitted that everyday activities became difficult to execute and she would often find herself waking to begin her day at 8:00 p.m. Her rock bottom came when she almost passed out during an interview. “I was completely nodding off and falling asleep, and unable to keep my head up or keep my eyes open, because I was so far gone,” she said. “It just kind of becomes this dark pit, bottomless pit.” 

Things only intensified when her grandmother passed away and Noah couldn’t be there to comfort her mother because she was deep into her addiction. Now, Cyrus said she has undergone treatment and is living a much better lifestyle.

“That was my big eye-opener: I was sitting alone, and I was scared, and I realized that all the people that I love and all the people that I need, I was the one pushing them away,” she said. “I wake up in the mornings, and I’m able to look in a mirror and go on about my day without hating myself,” she said. “I’m able to comfort myself and nurture myself.” 


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